Find out and give yourself at the same time

The essence of art is what makes artists experiment with different art forms. An artist is born to people like us almost every day. The women in the kitchen, the men who work in the offices, the works in the workshop and even the barista in the buffets are artists. When you participate in the art you choose, you discover and become addicted to art at the same time. However, learning appropriate art forms requires practical training and practice.

The most common art forms today are:

Because of the popularity of DSLR, photography is a passion for many young and old. Photography is the art of photography that is very powerful and tells a lot about the story they represent. With the latest technological advancements, color and image angles can be largely controlled so that the photographer can achieve multiple results from the same scenario.

Painting is the oldest but most popular form of art. It is a 2D art form that involves creating patterns with layers of pigment on a surface such as cloth, cloth, stone or paper. The most common and popular colors are acrylic, pastel, watercolor, oil and spray paint.

Sculptures create 3D figures using shapes and forms of materials like metal, glass, wood, ice, bronze, etc. Sculpture is a facility for engraving, carving and cutting. Assembly, modeling, casting and carving are the four known types of sculptures.

These and other art forms such as drawing, printing, craft, performing arts etc. were quite popular at the time. To learn these art forms you must apply to institutes that offer training for them. However, there are some other art forms that do not require training and can be learned through interest and practice and can be called everyday art.

Crafts every day

Latte art
Make molds in coffee with textured milk by pouring them into cream in a way to create heart shaped rosettes and figures.

Nail art
Nail art is the technique for creating creative patterns on nails with a variety of polishes in different combinations.

Graffiti is the art of creating designs on the walls. This does not mean specifically to make designs in public property. You can use this art to create creative designs for your room decoration.